Mike Opitz Song Writing and Theory Project

Featuring the Karma Refugees



I was born in a country in the middle of the baby boom.
My daddy was a soldier in World War Two.
He met his brother’s coffin when they marched it off the boat.
He reached into his pocket for a government smoke.
He put his shoulder to the grindstone
And tried to drink his way back home.

Well my daddy used to tell me when I was just a little kid:
“Watch out for the bosses– they know how to hide, kid.”
They tell you that you love them; they tell you that you care.
They’ll put you in a uniform and march you anywhere.
They’ll put your shoulder to the grindstone
While they repossess your home.

I lived in a country that tried to flatten Vietnam
Because the big money boys needed to blow up some bombs.
I know in my country the poor pay the cost.
Saw a lot of good friends fall down lost.
They put their shoulders to the grindstone
And tried to drug their way back home.

Are you your brother’s keeper? The teachers used to ask me.
Are you guilty of the crimes you’ve been taught not to see?
Or do you dig up the bones and put them in a song,
Pick up a guitar and ask the souls to sing along
And put our shoulders to the grindstone,
Try to build ourselves a home.

It’s a boom-a baby baby baby boom boom boom
It’s a baby baby baby baby baby boom boom boom ff.

Song writing, vocals, guitars–Mike Opitz
Bass, production of the track–Tom Daddesio
Violin–Stephanie Franzen (student at Slippery Rock State Univ.)

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