Mike Opitz Song Writing and Theory Project

Featuring the Karma Refugees

Different Lifetime

Different Lifetime

Wish I knew you in a different lifetime—different from this one.
Wish I’d met you on another planet—closer to the sun.
The heat would rise from our bodies—and melt into the air.
Ecological convergence—a bi-symmetrical pair.
Wish I knew you in a different way
Than gender and despair.

Wish we had a different story—with a different kind of plot.
Wish we had some different meanings—than the fucked up ones we’ve got.
Where ancient connections—find ways to be known,
The aesthetics of being alive—flower and grow.
Wish I knew you in a different time
When it was possible to hope.

Wish we had a different symbol—when I saw you on the stair.
You were just 17—“you know what I mean”—when I saw you standing there.
Ah the dream-like figures—half hidden in the dark
Like unacted desires. Lifetimes miss their mark.
Wish I knew you in a different way
Wish I loved you with a different heart

Song writing, guitars, vocals, production Mike
Bass and original mix Tom
Keyboard and vocals Caitlin
Percussion B. I. Box

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