Mike Opitz Song Writing and Theory Project

Featuring the Karma Refugees

Midnight in Triana

Midnight in Triana

In the ruins of the city
Cardboard for a bed
Sleep the great musicians
With visions in their heads.

At the end of Empire
Living in the debris
Arise the great dancers
Struggling to be free.

The city falls around them
“The fruits of Babylon”*
Armies in the streets at night
Terror in the dawn.

Gunfire in the neighborhood
Children in the streets
Making beauty
Out of violence and deceit.

From the streets of Trenchtown
To the wars of Africa
Vaccinations for confusion
Immunity from despair

Playing on a tin can
Like no one’s ever seen
Dancing in the ruins
Of an economic scheme.

(Block 3 again)

Don’t you often yearn
For justice in this world
That those who do the evil deeds
Should get what they deserve.

And everyone has problems
Small as some may be
Singing songs of freedom
Can almost set you free.

Rhythms in the alley
Strains of ‘Tientos’,
At midnight in Triana
(sample of ‘Tientos’)!

Song Writing Opitz, Daddesio
Guitar and vocals Mike
Bass Tom
Lead guitars Matt
Drums M. X.
Production Mike

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