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Featuring the Karma Refugees

Soca for Soul (Reprise) (Remake of One Drop song)

Soca for Soul (Reprise) (Remake of One Drop song)

Dis yer place is a frozen
An island in the snow
All the people dance so gritty
All the people move so slow

Dis yer place is cold and icy
The winter winds they always blow
Spend the time in the cloudy
Make the people oh so cold

If you want to be a happy woman
get up and move your body
If you want to be a dancing man
Get up and move your soul

Then you’ll leave this frozen city
Say goodbye to the winter chill
Take your mind to river islands

Song writing, guitars Mike Opitz
Bass, production of the track Tom Daddesio
Vocals, vocal design Kathleen (Regan) Downes

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