Mike Opitz Song Writing and Theory Project

Featuring the Karma Refugees



“The work is the death mask of its conception.”
(Walter Benjamin, One Way Streets)

He didn’t think he could get lost
Crossing those streets he used to cross.
He didn’t think he’d forget those possessions
That were so hard to get.
Crossing those thoughts, watching them fade,
Falling in love with the things he made.
As if in a dream, walking those streets
Fascinated by the things he meets.

What happens when the moon goes down?
Shadows follow you around
And shadows never make a sound.
What happens when the moon goes down?

She’s pretty cool, real smart in school.
All the professors play by her rules.
She never thought she would get caught
In those situations she tried to dodge.
Crossing those thoughts, making mistakes
Looking for real things, settling for fakes,
Living in scenes, (a fool’s scheme)
Like “happily ever after”—in a dream.

What happens when you fall down?
And the creatures gather all around,
Like you’re living—in a ghost town,
What happens when the moon goes down?

Vocals, guitar and production Mike Opitz
Bass Tom Daddesio
Guitar leads Matt Gaffey
Keyboard Caitlin Brutger
Guitar, Harmonica Norb Jost
Drums M. X. Craft