Mike Opitz Song Writing and Theory Project

Featuring the Karma Refugees

Suitcases (for Walter Benjamin)

Suitcases (for Walter Benjamin)

The wind came up. A storm was brewing
On the night the traveler died.
He carried a mysterious suitcase.
Lost love travelled by his side.

But the borders were all shut down,
And the boundaries could not be known.
All the knowledge in the universe
Could not guide the traveler home.

The moon went dark. The wind was blowing.
Soldiers staggered through the street.
The lights went out in all the kitchens.
Murdered children fell asleep.

But the boundaries were all patrolled
And borders could not be crossed.
Suitcases (maletas) seized by border guards.
All the travelers are lost.

Instrumental break—

But the borders were all patrolled
And boundaries could not be crossed.
Travelers seized by border guards.
All the suitcases are lost.

Vocals Kathleen Downes
Guitar, production of the track Mike
Bass Tom
Keyboard Caitlin
Violin Anna Wigtil
Harmonica Norb Jost
Drums M. X.