Mike Opitz Song Writing and Theory Project

Featuring the Karma Refugees

Virtual Bliss

Virtual Bliss

I wanted you yesterday and I want you more today.
It’s a garden of earthly pleasures—won’t you come out and play?

And I dreamed you were my inspiration.
Bold lovers on a midnight ride.

Dreams like this—shadows and mist.
Dreams that don’t abide.

I dreamed of you yesterday—whoever you might be.
In an earthly paradise where we are free to be free.

Now—most of all—I miss your kiss,
And your eyes flashing through the storm.

Dreams like this—virtual bliss.
New clothes that were never worn.

(repeat verse)

Song writing, guitars, production of track, vocals – Mike Opitz
Bass, production of track – Tom Daddesio
Vocals, percussions – Kathleen (Regan) Downes
Keyboard – Caitlin Brutger

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