Mike Opitz Song Writing and Theory Project

Featuring the Karma Refugees

Bob Dylan Pandemic Project (Dec. 2020)

Sometime in the early days of the pandemic of 2020, when contagion and disaster seemed immanent possibilities, we separated from each other and our daily routines. The sense of the familiar vanished and all of us found ourselves in some kind of alienated space. I sat alone one night in April in The Maltshop (my home studio) thinking about an unsettled and lonely future. Read more and listen the songs.


***EP: Free One Else*** (Dec. 2019)

Sometime during our ongoing musical collaboration, I wrote a song and Tom produced a dub version of it.  I only had this hefty working title for the song:  “Inspired by the rhetorical tradition of addressing a poem to a mysterious, glamorous, seductive, slightly dangerous figure called ‘You.’”  Somehow through the magic of editing, it became just “You,” and ended with the phrase, “like almost everyone else.”  Tom used echo effects and who knows what other techniques on the dub version and “everyone else” became “free one else.”  It was so cool to hear those syllables echoed over and over.  We liked the sound of it and the happenstance of hearing those syllables and words.  We chose the syllables as a title for this EP. Read more and listen to the songs

From the Vault: Song of the Week: Heal the Nation (2015)

It seems like a long time ago when I was sitting in my living room, listening to Burnin’, and Bob Marley’s image on the cover of the album spoke to me.  Read more and listen to the song