Mike Opitz Song Writing and Theory Project

Featuring the Karma Refugees

The Muse 2015

The Muse

Hey! I’m stranded in the darkness–
Biological despair.
It’s a complex situation,
In a culture beyond repair.

Won’t you be my inspiration?
Won’t you be my guiding light?
I like to feel so desperate in the darkness.
I don’t need everlasting light.

I get so burned out doing business.
I get so weary making war.
I get bored exploiting nature.
I need more creatures to destroy.

Won’t you be my willing victim?
My virgin, Madonna, Angel of the Dawn.
Let the old men gaze at your naked body
Like Suzanne Valadon.

Won’t you take me to your bedroom?
Unmask me, make me real.
Let me violate your emotion.
Teach me how to feel.

Won’t you be inspiration?
Won’t you be my virgin bride?
It’s desperate in the darkness …