Dreams Twisted Love Songs

Summer and a Dream (Live)

There’s a distance, I perceive
Between the summer and a dream,
Like a melody
Between you and me.

Like a work of art
Longing at the heart
Express what can’t be shown
Draw pictures of the unknown.

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Suitcases in Dub

Political Songs Reggae Influenced Songs

Heal the Nation 2015

Sufferahs caused by slavery
An’ live in the system (shitstem) that’s slavery’s child
An, live in the depot of slavery’s trade (in Jamaica)
Live in the dread pit slavery made

The Sufferahs got nothin’ to lose
When the slavery system falls
When the ego system dies down slow
When the empire system rots.

Political Songs


Anna was an activist –she organized for the men.
She stood with them on the picket lines
And helped them get home again.
She never wavered in her belief
In the brotherhood of man
She gave her love to those treacherous dreams
Like justice and freedom …

Political Songs

Suitcases (for Walter Benjamin)

The wind came up. A storm was brewing
On the night the traveler died.
He carried a mysterious suitcase.
Lost love travelled by his side.

But the borders were all shut down,
And the boundaries could not be known.
All the knowledge in the universe
Could not guide the traveler home.

Political Songs Twisted Love Songs


“The work is the death mask of its conception.”
(Walter Benjamin, One Way Streets)

He didn’t think he could get lost
Crossing those streets he used to cross.
He didn’t think he’d forget those possessions
That were so hard to get.
Crossing those thoughts, watching them fade,
Falling in love with the things he made.
As if in a dream, walking those streets
Fascinated by the things he meets.

Dreams Reggae Influenced Songs Twisted Love Songs

Soca for Soul (Reprise) (Remake of One Drop song)

Dis yer place is a frozen
An island in the snow
All the people dance so gritty
All the people move so slow

Dis yer place is cold and icy
The winter winds they always blow
Spend the time in the cloudy
Make the people oh so cold

Covers Twisted Love Songs

Beck Lost Cause

Mike              Vocals, guitar and production
Tom               Bass
Norb Jost      Harmonica
Lou Jost        Backing vocal

Covers The Moon

Murakami Moon (from Haruki Murakami, 1Q84)

Caitlin       Keyboard improvisation                        
Mike         Reading, production of the track 

Political Songs Reggae Influenced Songs

Midnight in Triana

In the ruins of the city
Cardboard for a bed
Sleep the great musicians
With visions in their heads.

At the end of Empire
Living in the debris
Arise the great dancers
Struggling to be free.