Tom Dowd and The Language of Music

Tom Dowd and The Language of Music, Mark Moorman, Tom Dowd

NPR feature interview with Mark Moorman, the director of the film, and some commentary from Tom Dowd. It features interesting commentary on the production of music.

I almost chose Sound City instead of Tom Dowd and the Language of Music. This article contains commentary about both films.

Mixcraft is the recording software that I use. I include this video, a review of the recording capabilities of Mixcraft, to illustrate the production of recorded sound. I started learning to record music using a cassette tape deck. Note the rapid evolution of sound reproduction from Tom Dowd forward.

11. Benjamin readings as discussed in my webpage article on recording sound.

The theme of recording sound is woven throughout the work of The Karma Refugees. An exploration of the impact of recorded or “technologically reproduced” sound on “the human sensorium” is also woven throughout this project. The recorded image, as discussed by Benjamin in “The Work of Art …”, as well as the film, must also be considered. This connection of technologically reproduced sensual experience establishes the existence of “montage practice” as a mode of thought. This project intends to be an exploration of montage practice.